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Draft Innovation has been designing and fabricating custom draft beverage dispensing systems for restaurants, bars, and home brewers since 2009. We work with our customers to develop draft systems that meet their aesthetic and logistical needs.

With our team of experts, including MicroMatic certified dispense technicians, AWS certified welders, SolidWorks designers and BJCP certified beer judges, we work closely with you to create a draft system that not only matches your aesthetics but also ensures the perfect pour every time.

We offer multiple draft system configurations- Columns, T Towers, Mushroom Towers, and everything in between – to fit your dispensing needs. The only limit is your imagination.

Our portfolio showcases some of the custom draft beer and beverage dispensing systems we have created for previous clients, but we can also customize any configuration to fit your unique requirements. We have fabricated systems from antique fire extinguisher shells, fire hydrant shells and more. We enjoy working on fun and creative solutions for your draft beverage needs.


Yellow Tap


Yellow Beers



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View some of our projects below. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your custom system configuration needs further, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Cheers!


 Draft dispensing for a variety of beverages is a logical move for any profit driven establishment. Kegged beverages save on precious cooler space are almost always more cost effective and have a higher profit margin than pre packaged bottles and cans. They are much more environmentally responsible as well. Many times customers can have reusable growler fill for off site consumption. Many craft brewers will drop special releases in a keg only availability. 

We build custom draft systems for a variety of beverages, Beer, Wine, Ciders and Meads, Draft Craft Cocktails, Nitro Cold Brew Coffee and Kombucha and Seltzers. These beverages many times come kegged ready to be tapped into your draft line. Mixologists take great pride in creating signature cocktails they keg in house.  Everything tastes better from a keg, provided your hardware is clean and dialed in.

Emigration Brewing


Pass thru towers also known as Goal Post are a very popular configuration. With a simple two pedestal design and a horizontal shell, they can be configured to have as many product lines as space allows. Pass thru towers Can be mounted on any stable surface, bar top, wall, floor or ceiling. Usually pass through towers are  built to be glycol ready but sometimes are air cooled when mounted to a wall adjacent to a walk in. A blower recirculates cold air from the walk in through one pedestal and back in through the other.

Casting Iron Axes
Nitro Bar


 T towers are a classic and popular choice for small to medium beverage dispensing systems typically 4-8 product lines. Their distinctive T-shaped design offers a visually appealing and symmetrical presentation, making them an attractive focal point at any bar or establishment. T towers are known for their more compact footprint and the ability to run multiple lines from an underbar cooler. 


Column towers are an elegant and sophisticated option for beverage dispensing systems, adding a touch of grandeur to any bar or establishment. Their sleek, slender design creates a striking visual presence, making them a captivating centerpiece that draws attention. Column towers are often associated with high-end bars, hotels, and upscale venues due to their refined appearance. These towers provide a streamlined and efficient dispensing experience, allowing bartenders to serve different drinks without cluttering the bar space.

column draft system tower
mushroom draft system tower


Mushroom towers are a distinctive and eye-catching option for beverage dispensing systems, offering a unique and whimsical aesthetic to any bar or venue. Inspired by the shape of a mushroom, these towers feature a rounded top with multiple faucets arranged in a circular or semi-circular pattern. Mushroom towers not only serve as functional drink dispensers but also serve as conversation starters and focal points in any space. With their playful and captivating design, mushroom towers add a touch of fun and creativity to your beverage service.


When it comes to cooling options for beverage dispensing systems, Draft Innovation offers a range of solutions to ensure optimal temperature control and the perfect pour. Our cooling options include direct draw, air cooled and long draw, glycol ready systems.

direct draw system
air cooled cooling system

Direct draw systems are commonly used in smaller setups where the kegs are in an underbar cooler or nearby the point of dispense. Air cooled systems employ a blower mounted in the cooler unit which directs the cold air from the refrigeration unit to recirculate through the insulated draft system. These systems are compact, efficient, and ideal for venues with limited space or specific installation requirements.


glycol bath
walk in cooling

Glycol bath systems are designed for long-draw setups or venues where the beer lines need to run over longer distances. In this setup, the recirculating glycol tubing is the core of the insulated trunk line with all beverage lines are in constant contact with the glycol lines. Our systems are fitted with custom aluminum cold blocks behind each shank guaranteeing optimal temperature from keg to faucet.